Employment Opportunities

The Green Jobs Center contains information for job seekers, recruiters, or those seeking to enhance their career. The Employment Opportunities database lists job openings in a wide range of agencies, forprofit and nonprofit organizations, corporations and industries. It also provides links to electronic environmental jobs boards and data banks. The databases also contain information on internship opportunities. (Please note that you can not apply for jobs on our web site. Instructions regarding the application process are listed in the section marked TO APPLY at the end of the job posting. For additional information on applying for the position, please contact the hiring institution.) Users can post or view job openings. Job listings are organized into the following categories:

  • Jobs in Government Environmental Agencies. These are federal, state and local agencies. Jobs in non-environmental agencies may be listed if they are environmental in nature.
  • Jobs in Nonprofit Organizations. These are jobs in conservation, environmental justice and other environmental organizations. Jobs in other types of nonprofits that are environmental in nature may also be listed here too.
  • Corporate Environmental Jobs. These are professional jobs in corporations with environmental divisions.
  • Industrial Green Jobs. These are professional and blue-collar jobs in industry sectors such as energy, agriculture, construction, transportation, etc.
  • Environmental Design, Management and Consulting. These are jobs in forprofit companies or businesses focused on areas such as landscape architecture, analysis, policy, planning, pollution prevention, impact assessment, mitigation, engineering, communications, etc.
  • Environmental Services. This is a listing of jobs in businesses that provide services such as tree trimming, gardening and landscaping, horticulture, green maintenance operations, etc.
  • Academia or Education. This is a listing of jobs in academic and other types of education institutions. Jobs listed here range from faculty and research positions, teaching, administrative positions, interpreters, camp counselors, etc.
  • International Environmental Jobs. This is a listing of jobs in locations outside of the U.S.

If you wish to post job announcements, to our database, please do so from the Submit page. Complete the relevant form and submit it for our consideration.

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