Fellowships and Funding

MELDI maintains lists of environmental and non-environmental sources of funding opportunities in science and related disciplines. This part of the website contains three databases with more than 400 such funding prospects.

  • Environmental Grantmakers. This database contains a list of more than 300 environmental grant makers. These are foundations that have funded environmental, diversity and social justice issues in recent years. Please note that foundations change their funding portfolios and grant deadlines periodically. Grant seekers are advised to check foundation web pages (provided in the menu item on the left) to see each organization's funding criteria. It is also a good idea to contact the relevant program officers about funding criteria and the requirements for submitting proposals.
  • Environmental Fellowships and Grants. This database contains a list of fellowships and grants by foundations that have funded environmental and social justice projects in the past.
  • Other Fellowships and Grant Opportunities. This database contains a list of fellowship and grants by foundations that have funded a variety of non-environmental projects.
If you know of a foundation that makes grants in the areas of interest specified above, or if you know of a fellowship that is relevant to the funding area of interest, please go to the Contact Us page, fill out the contact form and provide your information. We will consider it for inclusion on this site.

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