Image of:  Katharine Wang

"Finding a peer network to talk to is key. "

- Katharine Wang [2012] is a Program Manager at the Wildlife Conservation Society

Welcome to the MELDI Website

The Multicultural Environmental Leadership Development Initiative (MELDI) is a project housed at the University of Michigan's School of Natural Resources and Environment (SNRE). MELDI aims to increase diversity in environmental organizations as well as the broader environmental movement. It also promotes greater diversity in leadership in the environmental field. To this end, MELDI's faculty and staff conduct research on environmental workforce dynamics and provides resources to help enhance the leadership and career development opportunities available to students, activists and environmental professionals. It also provides resources to help workers in the emerging green-collar sector gain a foothold in the environmental workforce and establish connections to environmental institutions. MELDI serves both seasoned veterans and youths. For experienced environmental professionals seeking to find out more about diversity or institute diversity initiatives in their organizations, MELDI has much to offer. However, mindful of the challenges minority and low-income youths face in finding mentors and role models, obtaining jobs in environmental organizations and gaining access to environmental networks, MELDI also provides information that helps minimize these hurdles and helps them embark on and build successful careers in the environmental field.

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